Price :₹599

No. of Pieces 10-13
Net Wt. 300G
Serves 2
Gross Wt. 350 G

Our Chicken Chilli Ham is made of 100% breast meat, and delivers on a wealth of delicately spiced flavours in each mouthful. Precooked and fresh, it can be enjoyed finely sliced and served cold or hot. Perfect as Deli meats, the Chicken Chilli Ham is a wonderful spiced addition served in a roll, bun, croissant, muffin or simply between sliced bread. Versatile as it is, grill or toast and get those taste-buds drooling. Add to pastas, crepes, quiches, bakes, salads, and appetizers!


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·        Made from fresh chicken meat

·        Cured and processed

·        Crafted by master chefs

·        100% Fresh ingredients & spices

·        No Artificial taste enhancers

Our mission at Top Chop is to ensure that all our products are procured from reputed wholesalers. Our team follows a strict protocol and is driven by a common goal to serve you the best and what's right for your hygiene.