Chicken Tikka Sausages


Chicken Hotdog Smoked

Price :₹499

No. of Pieces 5
Net Wt. 490g
Serves 4
Gross Wt. 470-490g

As the name suggests, the Chicken Tikka Sausage is a 'desi twist' on a western classic sausage and is truly scrumptious. Our take on this tweaked chicken sausage goes that extra flavourful bring an Indian taste experience not only to India but to grab headlines globally too. Enjoy with evening drinks..squeeze lemon for that zesty flavour and pair with Indian Coriander Chutney and an onion salad...Fusion-food redefined!

Cooking Instructions - Serve Fried


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·        Made from fresh chicken meat

·        Cured and processed

·        Crafted by master chefs

·        100% Fresh ingredients & spices

·        No Artificial taste enhancers

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