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BROWN EGGS - Pack of 6 eggs

Your protein dose of the day

Price :₹75

No. of Pieces 6

Brown shelled eggs with a soft and firm egg white and a bright orange creamy yolk laid naturally by healthy chickens for a flavour boost to any meal. The humane raising of our chickens and natural processing imparts our signature mom's certified flavour. They're a natural source of Vitamin D and are a rich source of protein. Buy your pack now!


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·        Naturally laid

·        From humanely raised chicken in restricted bio-security zones

·        From chickens raised in a stress-free environment

·        100% vegetarian fed chicken

·        From chicken which is 100% free of antibiotic residue and hormones 

·        Free From GMO-feed fed chickens

Every egg you receive is procured from trusted and reputed vendors across Hyderabad, ensuring only the best and most nutritious products reach your plate.