By 2030, our raison d'etre is to:


Deliver 100 Million nutritional, affordable and sustainable meals


Empower 1 Million Women socio-economically

We created our social enterprise - Women Power Foods Pvt Limited – out of dire necessity as :

Consumers: nutritional food (such as meat and eggs) was being processed in unhygienic environments. The quality of food produced carried high levels of contamination, quality and sustainability issues have been escalating across the complete supply chain in this unorganized food sector.

Mothers: we were frustrated with not having the ability to influence change to the nutritional, affordable and sustainable food needs of our families exacerbated by gender inequalities and escalating lack of opportunities for women to have a platform to enable change and achieve socio-economic growth in society.

Through a strategic partnership with Srinivasa Farms, we are executing a technologically advanced operationally efficient and sustainable farm to fork operations with women empowered to operate our unique supply chain (no surprises !) - by creating opportunities for women across the complete supply chain – from employees to entrepreneurs. Every customer purchase enables us to fund our social mission of empowering women (irrespective of age and ethnicity) – from education to healthcare to job opportunities to self-employment.

  • Ms Sunila Chalasani
  • Ms Jahnavi Chitturi