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Chicken Tandoori Spring Bird

Spring bird for spring meals!

Price :₹299

No. of Pieces 1
Net Wt. 800g
Serves 4
Gross Wt. 800g

Without skin, our chicken spring bird is an easy to cook option if you want everyone to relish the tender and juicy young chicken. 

Still wondering what to cook for your mom? 

Our mom's certified option of skinless chicken is your answer.


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Chicken humanely raised in restricted bio-security zones


Hand selected after age and weight calibration


100% vegetarian feed


100% free of antibiotic residue and hormones


Artisanal butchery


Net weight of prepped meat only


Temperature controlled Between 0 °C - 4 °C 


No Meat of genetically modified chickens


No Meat of chicken on growth promoters


No Mix of Offal Organs

The farming of chickens involves a keen science behind it. Our chickens comes from Srinivasa Farms, veterans in poultry from 50 years. Doing away with industrial farming, our chickens are reared on a cluster of individual farms according to specifications drawn out by expert meat scientists. This facilitates natural farming methods and control on the feeds of the animals.




All-natural environment ensures a healthy and stress-free upbringing that eventually provides for high-grade quality meat.




Each bird is carefully checked by approved veterinary doctors, who perform ante-mortem and post-mortem inspection and certify their health and fitness for Human consumption.