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Exotic food, now delivered to your home, The Quail of the Old World!

Price :₹299

No. of Pieces 2
Net Wt. N/A
Serves 2
Gross Wt. N/A

The ultimate delicacy of East-Asia, the Japanese Quail is a great addition to your cooking experience. One can never run out of new ways to cook a Japanese quail as long as they're using the perfect mom's certified cuts. Make it with honey, salted, make it with wine, or even with a Kolhapuri twist. A quail curry can never go wrong.


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Quail Bird humanely raised in restricted bio-security zones


Hand selected after age and weight calibration


Artisanal butchery


Net weight of prepped meat only


Temperature controlled Between 0 °C - 4 °C 


No Meat of genetically modified quail birds


No Meat of quail bird on growth promoters


No Mix of Offal Organs

We breed our Quails locally making them suitable to be used as mother birds for producing hatchery eggs. For us, it is a priority to ensure the health of our poultry to further ensure that you get healthy quails deliverd to your door every time you order.

An all-natural environment ensures a healthy and stress-free upbringing that eventually provides for high-grade quality meat.