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Price :₹199

No. of Pieces
Net Wt. 250 G
Serves 2
Gross Wt. 250 G

If Cheese is your thing, and Chilli is what you crave, then our Chicken Cheese and Chilli Sausage is the need-of the-hour! Cheese paired with the perfect hit of Chilli, pack quite a punch and our very own delicately flavoured Chicken Cheese and Chilli Sausages are a must-have for any occasion. Pair with rolls and a tangy ketchup or add to any meal.


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·        Made from fresh chicken meat

·        Cured and processed

·        Crafted by master chefs

·        100% Fresh ingredients & spices

·        No Artificial taste enhancers

Our mission at Top Chop is to ensure that all our products are procured from reputed wholesalers. Our team follows a strict protocol and is driven by a common goal to serve you the best and what's right for your hygiene.