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The best finger food to have on your plate!

Price :₹199

No. of Pieces 10
Net Wt. 250G
Serves 2
Gross Wt. 250G

A speciality originating from the charming Bavarian city of Nuremberg, the legendary Nü our Chicken Nuremberger Sausages, are small finger-like (3 to 4 inches) sausages. You will find them as 'Drei im Weggla'..meaning you get them 3-in-a- bun at once! Savour the taste of our Chicken Nuremberger and you will understand the Germans' love of sausages. No less than 6-8 Nurembers would satisfy hunger pangs!

Cooking Instructions - Fry and Serve


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·        Made from fresh chicken meat

·        Cured and processed

·        Crafted by master chefs

·        100% Fresh ingredients & spices

·        No Artificial taste enhancers