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Flavour in every bite!

Price :₹649

No. of Pieces 10-12
Net Wt. 500g
Serves  4
Gross Wt. 500g

Enjoy red meat like never before. Enjoy mutton chop masala with your favourite base and seasonings. A simple recipe, that's already been certified by moms, can satisfy your hunger and please your taste buds. Enjoy our fresh mutton chops, Karnataka style.

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Tender pasture-raised goat meat


Meat rested for a minimum of 12 hours


Goat's between 9 - 12 months 




Artisanal butchery


Temperature controlled Between 0 °C - 4 °C


No Irregular Cuts


No Chipped and rough-edged


No Mixed batches


No Mix of Offal Organs

There are very few meals that can be as tempting as Goat. Whether it be Goat Masala or Hyderabadi Biryani, goat dishes are the core of Indian cuisine with the flavours growing to be one that many can easily remember. At Top Chop, we put the importance of quality above all else. With tender meat being sourced from goats, our red meat is nutritious and premium quality to ensure your health remains untouched with our meals. 



With lower levels of cholestrol and fat, we advise using our Goat in all of your mouth-watering delicacies like Goat biryani, rogan josh, dum goat, seekh kebabs, keema, goat soup, goat haleem and more. Packed with all the necessary nutrients, proteins and minerals, our goat helps you get the balanced diet you need for a meal that's packed with both protein and flavour. We source the meat from a young goat of 9-10 months of age, allowing you to get both fresh and succulent cuts.


At Top Chop, we believe in providing all of our customers with the very best. We feed you with what we feed our families. We have a team of experts dedicated to selecting the healthiest of goats whilst practicing artisanal butchery. Every portion is quality controlled, allowing every cut you pick to be fresh, safe, nutritious and of premium quality.