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Juicy, Tender and Sweet!

Price :₹819

No. of Pieces 3 to 6
Net Wt. 500g
Serves 2
Gross Wt. 500g

Can we all agree that Blue Crabs is the sweetest of all crabs? Don't believe us? Try out this juicy, tender seawater delicacy and thank us later! These soft-shelled crabs are perfect for curries, soups and batter-fried dishes. It has chromium, vitamin B12 that helps you increase the level of HDL in your body. Order our mom's certified Blue Crabs online without any hassles and have them delivered straight to your doorstep.


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·        Fish straight off the coast

·        Stringent food-safety inspection

·        Scaled and cleaned in RO-water

·        Artisanal butchery

·        Net weight of prepped meat only

·        Temperature controlled

·        100% chemical-free

·        Environmentally responsible fishing

·        No Frozen fish

·        No Fish older than 18 hours or more

·        No Mix of different species

The coastal waters of the west of Southern India are laden with a variety of fish and seafood species. From there comes our export-quality fish that are caught every day.


Employing small local fishing boats with specifications of size, colour and texture, we fish every day and immediately chill them to below 4°C—eliminating the need to freeze, thus preserving the natural taste and texture of the fish.


All our fish and seafood are transported within 18hrs in our temperature-controlled vehicles to our facility without the use of Formalin or any other Chemical Additions.